CB’s Bio

Cassandra has a passion for sustainability and creating a healthy happy life in the city. Here passion for sustainability have lead her to lead a homesteading life style. Through her adventures in homesteading she has learned so much and now whats to share her passion with you! Come join her and her family on the wonderful journey back to basics!


4 thoughts on “CB’s Bio

  1. I am looking for a Monkey Beanie hat to crochet for my girls ages 6-13. I can’t seem to find what i am looking for! Would you happen to have a free pattern?


    • Hello Mary,
      I am in the process of designing a monkey beanie hat crochet pattern for you right now. I will send the pattern to the e-mail you provided by the end of the day. Also we are in the process of creating a VIP section on this site were followers will have access to my original designed pattern by me, if your would like to sing up for that as well, and I alway take requests! If you can not open the pattern i send you please let me know! Thank you!

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