Custom Knit Wall Art

Cassandra specializes in custom knit wall art!

This is a process where she takes your picture and turns it into a knit pieces

that is then turned into a pieces of art that you can hang on your wall.


1) Send us your image.

        It works best to send a black in white photo with minimal background that is small in size.

        If you have a full color picture we can work with that as well it just takes longer.

2) Let us know about how big you would like you new wall art pieces to be.

3) Once we have this information we will send you a price quote.

         Every picture is unique and take a different about of time to complete.

4) Once you have received your quote a link for payment of the a 50% non-refundable deposit.

             The rest of the payment is made once the item is complete.

             This deposit allows us to get all the materials needed to create your custom knit wall art.

For more information or a quote  contact us !

You can also purchase our pre-maid item on our Etsy shop!

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2 thoughts on “Custom Knit Wall Art

  1. Hi- my boss would like a custom knitted wall piece for her house but the content is fairly vulgar. I am an assistant so I often find myself being the one asking these crazy questions and I apologize that I have to! She is an artist herself and her work can be obscene. If you would do something for her that would be great and if you don’t want to I understand. The writing in the imagine is “F*ck the World” and a spaceship and a flower next to it- the word would be spelled out entirely though. Thanks!!

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